Stay Sane and Release The Mom Guilt

Jen Wirtz - Stay Say and Release the Mom Guilt

About the Book

As a mom of two toddlers and entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to be woken up throughout the night, knowing the following day would offer no reprieve. I know how it feels to want desperately to get back in shape, eat better, have boundless energy, a fresh perspective … It’s tough to know where to begin and how to fit it all in without feeling the dreaded mom guilt.

I’ve been there – and I wrote this book to help you get out of that funk. What I’ve learned and want to help you master is that when you fill your cup first, you can be more present and support your family in the way you want. And feeling energized, vibrant and present is nothing to feel guilty about!

If you’re sneaking chocolate in the bathroom so you stay sane and awake … if you’re wondering when you’re ever going to feel good in your own skin again … if you can’t work up the energy to take care of YOU … this book is for you. My toolkit of tips and tricks will help you regain sanity, take life by the reins and release the mom guilt.


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