Are you finding yourself wondering if your ship will ever come in? Have you wondered why “she” is so happy, no matter what? Do you wonder if the grass really IS greener over there?

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time to recalibrate. This book shows you how to take a step back, reframe your perspective, and begin to accept the beauty of the universe.

Have you ever had an “amazing coincidence” or reveled in how things “just came together”? Have you ever felt something big was about to happen but weren’t quite sure how? Recalibrating means connecting to that feeling of flow and thriving. This book offers a new perspective and practical life tools to try for yourself. With them, you can recalibrate your energy, and help you allow yourself the clarity and momentum in the direction in which your true happiness awaits. I am so excited that you have found this book and to be able to share the vision in which all things feel like home.

Fit Mama

Are you feeling like you never well rested & that there may not be any reprieve the following day? Are you feeling like your body could use some workouts, better nutrition and your mind could benefit from some more energy and a fresh perspective – but just not know where to begin?

This book is to give you the knowledge and advice to help you feel your best. I know what it’s like to be in a funk, not know how to get out and straight up plagued with the dreaded “mommy guilt.” You know, that feeling that going to the bathroom alone or eating your own food without little hands grabbing it is an indulgence? But what I’ve learned – and want to help you master – is that when you fill your cup first, you are able to be present and support your family in the way you want.

After you read this book you won’t have to eat your treats in the bathroom or wonder when you’re going to feel good in your own skin again. You will have a working toolkit of tips & tricks that will help you regain your sanity in your busy mom life — and finally kick the mom guilt to the curb!

Jen’s Nightstand

Five authors I can whole-heartedly recommend.