I think back on where I was just 7+ short years ago at where I was. I read or listen to all the books I could get my hands on, I heard all the podcasts, watched all the videos and collected all the books in a nice pile by my beside. Fast forward several years and I still had this on a repeat reel day in, day out but instead of all of the material things or emotional changes, all I had we dog eared pages, highlighted passages, saved playlists and notes scattered everywhere.

How do I know this has been your deal at one time or another? Because I see you and know that you were led here for a reason and I can say…I get what you are feeling because I have been where you are. EXACTLY.

It took daily practice, but then I finally understood the catalyst that was needed to turn all of these ideas, words and images into actual manifestations, flesh and reality. In the following method, you will be able to take these simple prompts, apply them as you would your daily workout or as you would drink your morning coffee, tea or water. After the 30 days (this timeframe is referenced in my book, Recalibrate, and why 30 days is optimal when starting a new lifestyle or habit). And I can tell you with 100% confidence that you will begin to see a shift in your perspective and in your life. Starting with this easy activity in the morning, you will begin to open that door to what awaits you. Have fun with it, but be sure to do the work, otherwise it’ll just be another post it note or saved task on your to-do list.

Prompts to start your day

1. This morning, I totally appreciate

2. Two traits I really, really, really dig about myself today

3. The feeling I want to experience today is

4. Today I will stop and recognize when I am (slowing down, seeing the universe winking at me, when I feel good)