Jen at fountain

A few years ago I was talking to a co-worker of mine about things that we do. After I mentioned work, kids and things around the house…I stopped. There wasn’t much else I did at that time. He just looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears (as he had a very busy social life, no kids and a flexible work schedule at the time). I felt the need to justify my life at that time, but all the same, couldn’t help the brewing feeling that something was really amiss. He then asked me the question that literally changed my life. He asked what I did for fun and what I liked to do outside of those day to day routine things.

Well Shit……

I realized in all too clearly that over the past several (or more) years, I had lost what it felt like to do something for just me. What it felt like to have fun for the sake of having fun. Worse yet, I realized that I honestly didn’t know what made me happy anymore. Sad huh? Here I was, a “successful” adult, living a lifestyle in a new community that was supposed to deliver all the cool things I have ever wanted, and seriously…I was at a lost.

Here is the cool thing about that experience. I was able to start on a path of learning what it was like to be wholly satisfied, have fun and sincerely say that “I had fun today.”
Since that time, I have developed my meditation practice so that it is a non-negotiable in my daily routine. It sets my day up in such a way where my gut feeling, my emotion and my sincere desire to be saitisfied drive my daily decisions. I know that when I say “yes” to something it is a “HELL YES” and I am, in turn, saying no to anything else that is not 100% satisifying. This may sound selfish to you right now, especially if you are not familiar with this type of gut instinct driven behavior. I hope that one day you realize, just as I did, that you are worth every bit of selfishness and you need not to be someone else’s path of least resistance in order to live a great life.