Decision making…

The trend in my life, career wise has been this: start a new role within my trade, master it, maybe teach it and then have the need for more variety. An observer once said to me “you are always job hopping, when are you going to settle down and just stay in one place?” I was young when I heard this, and it really stuck. Was I doing something wrong? Was I supposed to find a profession, job or location and just stay there until I could retire? Was I supposed to live for the future and pad my retirement account, all the while, wondering what else was out there? Did all the people I saw that had been in their industry for over 10 years know something I didn’t?
Up until a few years ago, this really stuck in my craw. Then I realized something to myself and my entire perspective has changed. I share this with you in hopes that you find a place in your dad-to-day role that really, honestly, truly feeds your soul.

I realized that I wasn’t a flake, failure or had less self-worth because I liked variety in my careers. THIS, right here, changed my life. I have many interests and finally understood that as long as I didn’t give a rip about what someone thought I should be doing; I COULD HAVE IT ALL!

I love to be on my feet, being busy while having fun and trying to anticipate the needs of someone else, so I work in the service industry. I like to see the connection between mind and body & love blending eastern and western medicine, so I work as a massage therapist. I love the science & physiology of the human body and how it lends into traditional health care, so I am nurse. I love to share the freedom and guidance I receive from the universe, so I am an author.

So how does this lead me into wondering if I was going through a mid-life crisis? Well, there is an opportunity for growth in one of my careers. An opportunity that has presented itself a few years back, but in different form, but for me, I am in a completely different space, energetically thus approaching it completely differently. And why would this be of interest to you? Because it led to me recognize, even more than ever, the best technique that I found to use when I need to make decisions in my life.